ESAE Relaunch

AssociationExecutives.EU – Relaunch & Management

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For many years, the European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) has been trying to establish itself as the voice of association leaders in Europe and ‘the’ platform for senior-level association managers in Europe. Despite a strong interest in its activities, very little growth in membership could be noted. In late 2015, the DaVinci Institute agreed to support this volunteer-run association in a relaunch, …

DaVinci Project: Creative Europe

Creative’s Europe

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Creative’s Europe is a platform that aims to connect cultural professionals and organisations for a more creative Europe. [pullquote type=”right”]Culture needs to play an essential role in the shaping of a future Europe.[/pullquote] By networking creative people and organisations, providing networking, exchanges, resources and training, Creative’s Europe wants to ensure that the people, organisations and institutions who represent the cultural sector are active …

DaVinci Project: Theatron

Theatron Network

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Theatron is a network of European performing arts organisations who aim to explore creative and innovative ways of engaging new audiences.  The Greek name for theatre – theatron – stems from theasthai: ‘to regard’ or ‘to look’. theatron highlights the importance of a creative dialogue between performers and audiences. It encompasses the entire creative process from programming via artistic creation, …