Joining Creative’s Europe

creatives-europe-fbCreative’s Europe: connecting cultural professionals and organisations for a more creative Europe.

We’re delighted to be part of Creative’s Europe – an initiative that aims to network creative professionals and cultural organisations in order to ensure that they play a key role in the development of Europe and the European Union.

Creating Connections between Cultural Professionals


The cultural sector thrives on exchanges, collaborations and the exchange of ideas. Facing limited resources and complex social, political and legal environments, cultural organisations and professionals are continuous innovators. And – if there is a problem, chances are that someone out there did already find with a solution. By connecting people from different backgrounds and countries, we support the transfer of knowledge and the establishment of new creative partnerships. We do this through:

  • seminars, workshops and networking events
  • publishing best practice examples
  • connecting people and organisations based on interests and experiences

Promoting a Creative Europe

a creative europeWe believe that culture needs to play an essential role in the shaping of a future Europe.

  • Europe’s cultural richness and diversity are key to a European identity
  • Holding a mirror up to society, cultural works help us reflect on our ideas, needs and aspirations – and to reach new conclusions
  • Cultural participation fosters individual development, creativity and innovation

We want to ensure that the people, organisations and institutions who represent the cultural sector are active partners in shaping the Europe of the future.Creatives’ Europe is an initiative by the DaVinci Institute Brussels. As a think-tank, the DaVinci Institute initiates discussions, engages in conversations and curates information on innovation-focussed collaboration. Through its network of experts and consultancy services, the DaVinci Institute supports European organisations, projects and collaborations through tailored management, training and dissemination services.

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