At the DaVinci Institute, we help people, projects & organisations to showcase their expertise though international collaborations. We create connections, support networks & manage projects that lead to knowledge exchange and sustainable innovation. Here’s how:

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DaVinci Institute – collaboration curators

Through our networks, we connect people, knowledge and tools for smarter innovation.

dvin-connect-squareWe can achieve better, more meaningful and sustainable results by working with others. In order to share ideas, know-how and activities, we need to create meaningful connections. Connections that are based on a common interest, a shared objective and trust.

At the DaVinci Institute, we help our partners and clients to build such connections across sectors and disciplines by sharing our contacts and expertise. We develop save, effective and lasting frameworks that ensure that these connections lead to productive exchange.

for example: European Gender Summit – equality for smarter research and innovation

We connect content with its communities and create interest, debate and ownership.

dvin-engage-squareIn the interactive world of Web2.0, people no longer want to be treated as passive consumers. In order to reach audiences effectively today, we need to create meaningful, long-term relationships based on dialogue and exchange.

At the DaVinci Institute, we provide our partners and clients with the know-how, tools and services necessary to effectively engage their international audiences. We help you integrate social media, newsletters, press work, digital publishing and events into smart and manageable communication and customer relationship strategies

for example: Creative’s Europe – Connecting European creatives

We support you in designing, managing and evaluating high-impact collaborations.

dvin-advise-squareWhether embarking on new projects or simply looking for improvements, it can be tremendously useful to get some external input, a fresh view, or simply an extra pair of hands.

At the DaVinci Institute, we offer advice, support and coaching to partners and clients that are working – or aim to be working in international networks, collaborations, projects or associations. Whether you are looking for funding, need to re-evaluate your governance, or need to engage members in a better way, we’re happy to share our experience and tools.

for example: Collaborating on Science Communication – best practice, shared knowledge, joint impact

We create custom-build tools for successful project-, event- & collaboration-management.

dvin-design-squareEvery undertaking is different. While there are countless books, tools and standards for successful project management, the only ones worth using are the ones that help you achieve your very own objectives. Rather than paying for expensive training and beautiful applications that demand to be fed with data, its worth finding simple, flexible and custom-build solutions that stick.

At the DaVinci Institute, we use design-thinking to build solutions based on your needs, your preferences and practices. Wether it’s a project management system, an online collaboration platform, a marketing suite or a event system, we find tools that make your work easier, and that can grow with you, and that won’t cost the world.

for example: People-Friendly Cities Platform: A custom-built virtual home for the European network

We manage international projects, networks and events that focus on knowledge exchange and co-creation.

dvin-coordinate-squareNot everyone that enjoys exchanging ideas and know-how equally enjoys managing this exchange. While collaborations thrive on excellent content, they also need a solid managerial and administrative framework in which exchanges can happen.

At the DaVinci Institute, we provide administrative support to networks, associations, collaborations and European projects. This allows you to focus on content, knowing that the framework is in save and experienced hands.

for example: Theatron – European Network for engaging new audiences

We help educate communities through workshops, coaching, e-learning, publications and conferences.

dvin-educate-squareContinuous learning is both a joy and a necessity in today’s ever-changing world. Those investing in acquiring and sharing new knowledge on a regular basis will be rewarded with a clearer understanding, new opportunities and deeper connections.

At the DaVinci Institute, we help our partners and clients to identify, acquire and share knowledge. We design coaching programmes, publish insights and organise events that allow you to connect with your community. As always, we focus on customised learning, result-based events and open knowledge transfer.

for example: Crowdsourcing for Creatives: Online Learning Flow

We assess proposals, projects & processes, contributing to fair selection and quality assurance.

dvin-evaluate-squareIn order to understand whether any undertaking has been – or will be – successful, we need to assess whether its approach, activities, processes and resources create the desired results. This is just as important before we begin (ex ante), as it is after we finish (ex post) our activities. A system of  interim-checks (continuous QA) can make the difference between success and failure in complex projects.

At the DaVinci Institute, we help our partners and clients to evaluate the quality of proposals, projects and processes before, during and after they have taken place. We find the right experts, design transparent and effective evaluation processes and offer support with quality assurance.

for example: Graphene Week – abstract, application & registration management