About the DaVinci Institute

Collaborating for a smarter world

The DaVinci Institute is a think tank and consultancy specialising in transnational, interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaboration for smart & sustainable innovation. We act as a facilitator for innovative, trans-disciplinary activities in the field of researchculture and policy that aim to effectively address societal challenges.

We believe that we can achieve better results if people share knowledge and collaborate. We try to lead by example – sharing our ideas, but also promoting the thoughts and contributions of other, like-minded people. As you can see from these pages, we aim to connect three key sources of knowledge and innovation:

Connecting Science, Culture & Society

  1. science: research and innovation
  2. creativity: cultural leaders and creative industries
  3. society: grass-root and membership organisations, groups, networks and associations

We believe that this can be done through


Our Mission

The mission of the DaVinci Institute is to provide high quality management, training and dissemination services for innovative and trans-disciplinary collaborations. The institute, as a not for profit organisation, aims to act as facilitator and catalyst for stakeholders from research, innovation and culture who join forces to tackle societal challenges. Our goal is to become the European standard in collaboration management, training and dissemination.


On these  pages, you’ll find a some ideas and resources on why and how we do this. We hope you enjoy these articles and updates. Any ideas, questions comments? We’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences, so please share, comment and get in touch.